With USB-C, Thunderbolt May at Last Fulfill Its Promise
THUNDERBOLT: NOT SINCE Firewire has a hardware interface been so enticingly named, and so sparsely adopted. That’s about to change, though, and soon. Intel has announced that Thunderbolt 3 (yes, we’re on the third generation) will embrace USB-C, the universal port of the very near future.

USB 4: Everything We Know So Far
Get ready for a whole new generation of USB. The USB Promoter Group recently announced that a new standard, “USB4” (official spelling lacks a space, but we’re using one in this article to reflect the way readers search), will be released later this year with products that utilize the technology likely to come much later. USB 4 promises a host of benefits that include faster transfer speeds, better management of video and optional compatibility with Thunderbolt 3.

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